An entire post about Brussels Sprouts

They're good. Honest.

Brussels. With an “s” at the end.

While I haven’t quite worked my way into Phase 2 yet (eating healthier), I’m still trying to eat things that aren’t completely horrible for me. Some days I succeed, other days I fail miserably (it’s hot out and ice cream sandwiches are the best). I’m limited to roughly 600 calories on my fast days, and UNLIMITED (exaggeration) calories on my feed days, but I still want to balance what I eat on both days and make sure it’s something good for me, not just calories.I mentioned to the wife that I wanted to have some brussels sprouts again, so she picked some up for dinner this week! Today is brussels sprouts day.

Brussels sprouts is one of those foods that has some weird stigma attached to it. For some reason most kids are raised to hate brussel sprouts and I’m not sure why. When I was a child if you had suggested eating them I would have given you a weird look, laughed, then walked away. I was kind of a jerk. I’m not sure, but I think this problem is created through parents that have no idea what to do with brussels sprouts (ummm… steam them?) and the media that needs to depict some food to give the dog under a table during episodes of  Step by Step (did they even have a dog?). As a parent now, I think it’s important to introduce these good foods as early as you can and not treat them differently than the other foods you eat. The key, of course, is making them taste good, but we’ll get to that later. [Read more…]