Week 1: Good news, bad news

This tree tastes AMAZING.

The first week of the Alternate Day Fasting has come to a close. I’m proud to say that I made it….. six days before screwing up. Why? Holidays, birthdays, zoo days! None of that shit is accounted for, nor is there a built in way to adjust based on events that may fall on your fast day (but I’m working on that). One of those days was Sunday.

The first slip up came courtesy of The Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. It didn’t actually happen at the zoo, so I suppose it really wasn’t the zoo’s fault, but I need someone to blame (Oh, myself? Who asked you?). Let’s blame the stupid hot weather. [Read more…]

Fasting and Furious

2 Fast 2 Furious

Greatest sequel title ever?

Well that went better than expected.

After my initial bout of FEED ME, I calmed down, ate a few puffs, chewed a piece of gum and was fine. I sit here at 10:35pm feeling pretty normal. I do have a slight headache, which I expected, but the rest of me feels fine. Energy levels aren’t out of whack and I have no grand desire to kill and eat anything. Mostly I’m thinking about The Rock and Vin Diesel. Which isn’t as unusual as you would think…

I did want to share a link before I head off to dream of hotdogs and hamburgers (tomorrow is the 4th of July after all). It’s on the Alternate Day Fasting page in the menu bar, but I wanted to link to the full study that came out of UIC. I don’t want anyone thinking that I went into this blindly without doing some research! This was the big impetus to go for it. [Read more…]


That'll do, pig. That'll do.

That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.

Must… maintain… dignity.

Did you know that McDonald’s Grilled Sweet Chili Chicken Premium McWrap (that’s a lot of name) is only 360 calories? Pretty filling… for a bit… then four o’clock comes and everything is telling you to EAT SOMETHING.

So to distract myself I’m writing this! And I ate a Coke Zero… drank. I drank. I wish I could have eaten it.

I have about 50 calories left to spare for the day. I’m going to eat some of my daughter’s organic puff snack things because I can.

The How, Part 1: Alternate Day Fasting

NEW DIET!Alternate Day Fasting is a type of intermittent fasting. It’s fairly simple to describe: One day you eat like you normally would, the next you limit your calorie intake. Problem solved, goodnight!

Okay, there’s more. The specific program I’m working on is one popularized by a BBC program on Intermittent Fasting and Krista Varaday, assistant professor of kinesiology and nutrition (it’s a thing) at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). If I can find a link for the BBC doc, I’ll share, but I recommend you read this interview with Krista. Here are some highlights that sum up the program:

“You reduce calories by about 25 percent. That works for a little while,” she said. “The problem is that you probably can’t stick to it more than two months. You’re hungry and uncomfortable throughout the day.”

Fasting every other day works better, she said. “You have a day in between where you can feel totally normal again,” Varady said.

With alternate-day fasting, dieters have a fast day followed by a feed day. They consume a good-sized lunch — 400 to 500 calories for women and 500 to 600 calories for men — between noon and 2 p.m. on the fast day.

Pretty simple, right? Eat what I want one day, keep it to 500-600 calories the next! But what’s keeping you from going crazy and binging on the non-fast days? [Read more…]