Week 1: Good news, bad news

This tree tastes AMAZING.

The first week of the Alternate Day Fasting has come to a close. I’m proud to say that I made it….. six days before screwing up. Why? Holidays, birthdays, zoo days! None of that shit is accounted for, nor is there a built in way to adjust based on events that may fall on your fast day (but I’m working on that). One of those days was Sunday.

The first slip up came courtesy of The Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. It didn’t actually happen at the zoo, so I suppose it really wasn’t the zoo’s fault, but I need someone to blame (Oh, myself? Who asked you?). Let’s blame the stupid hot weather.

You see… Sweating is the primary way bodies regulate their temperature. Evaporation of sweat from the skin produces a cooling effect that helps you from catching on fire and dying (that part isn’t true, sorta). Physical exertion, such as walking around a zoo for hours on a hot 91 degree day, causes you to sweat more so you suffer less! SCIENCE!


This brat tastes AMAZING.

Since sweat is mainly water, you need to replace it or you get all passy outy (technical term). If you don’t replace enough or forget, you feel weaker, which you then assume is due to having not eaten (partially true). So when you get home what do you do? EAT A BRAT!

Had I stopped there I might have been able to salvage the day, but it turns out we had a birthday party we still had to go to. I don’t think I’m going to even go into detail how dangerous that is. Let’s just leave it at Tres Leches cake. I mean, who can resist THREE leches! One? Maybe… but three…

This cake tastes like DISAPPOINTMENT.

This cake tastes like DISAPPOINTMENT.

Also there was pepperoni pizza.


The moral of the story is, this shit is hard. And it’s supposed to be! If weight loss were easy, everyone would be doing it and succeeding. There’s temptation around every corner and I’m trying my best not to be Don Draper. Today, back on track. Feed and fast days have flipped, my body is slightly confused (as is my wife), and that’s okay. I expect some setbacks now and then. Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.

Closing on a happier note, I lost two pounds during the first weigh-in and I found someones lost iPhone at the zoo and returned it to them. The day wasn’t a total loss. Off to Wisconsin for most of the week. I just have to avoid cheese castles (look it up) and everything should be… less delicious?

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  1. Marina Durkin says:

    I am laughing so hard over here because I also failed on Sunday!!! I came home from a BBQ & not one but 2 bday cake stops (celebrating Alex’s at my in-laws/parents) and then I decided to grill brats “for the kids”. The kids ate none of them & I ate 3, but they were SOOOO GOOD!!! This getting healthy thing is so hard, but hey at least we’re trying that has to count for something right?

  2. I firmly believe that Sundays were invented for the sole purpose of ruining diets. Sounds like you’re doing well so far!

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