What it’s all about: The Why.

exercise-motivation-requiredEveryone wants to lose weight! Skinny people, fat people, small people, tall people, all people, mall people, Saul Peoples (my barber), but let’s not get all Seuss about it. This is really about me, not everyone else. But it’s also about you, soooo that might kind of negate that…

The thing of it is I’ve been trying for a long time. The only time where I consistently lost weight was when I wasn’t trying. I was a merchandiser (the guy who builds those big displays) for Coke and it kept me on my feet for 10 hours a day lifting and moving and sweating. As far as exercise routines go, it was great and I got paid to do it. It was so great that I got promoted into the sales team and… did you know that restaurants like to give you free things when you’re their sales person? By things I mean food. Free food. 5 days a week! And I lived by some of these places, so, on occasion, 7 days a week I ate breakfast or lunch or dinner for free. Goodbye weight loss, hello delicious Sabatino’s pizza and gnocchi (though not together, but now that I think about it…).

That broke me. Not just figuratively or spiritually, but physically. I’ve always been bigger, but never so much so that my health was in danger. Now, after years of undisciplined eating and too many energy drinks, it may be.

Sadly, that wasn’t quite enough. I needed one more push as I reached the edge. What I’ve noticed is that (and I’m generalizing, of course) most of us actually don’t seem to care enough about ourselves to let that make a difference. We will let ourselves fall into disarray and bad habits. It’s only when it starts affecting others that it might make a difference.

For me what makes a difference is when you have this face staring at you everyday.


That’s my amazing daughter, Olivia. She’s 10 months old and will melt your cold cold heart with a glance. For me, for her, I will get better. I want to be the father that is able to get out there and run around with his kids and not be out of breath in five minutes! I have about 17 more years of trying to keep up with her, that will bring me right up to 50 years old. Now seems like a good time to turn this around.

So that’s the point of the weight loss. What’s the point of this site? I’m still working that out. At it’s most basic it’s to keep a log of the successes and failures (of which there will be many). I’ll write, I’ll make videos, I’ll try to keep it updated 3 times a week. Maybe someone will stumble upon this and find some useful link or tip or their own motivation. Deep down this is to keep me honest. If I do those things and I put them out there for all to read (including my wife, friends, and family), maybe I’ll be less likely to cheat and lie and I’ll start making the progress I’ve been determined to make for so long!

There will be more to come on the how, but I wanted to share the why. By the way, today was day 1 of my diet and so far, so good. Let’s see how day 2 goes tomorrow!

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