Fasting and Furious

2 Fast 2 Furious

Greatest sequel title ever?

Well that went better than expected.

After my initial bout of FEED ME, I calmed down, ate a few puffs, chewed a piece of gum and was fine. I sit here at 10:35pm feeling pretty normal. I do have a slight headache, which I expected, but the rest of me feels fine. Energy levels aren’t out of whack and I have no grand desire to kill and eat anything. Mostly I’m thinking about The Rock and Vin Diesel. Which isn’t as unusual as you would think…

I did want to share a link before I head off to dream of hotdogs and hamburgers (tomorrow is the 4th of July after all). It’s on the Alternate Day Fasting page in the menu bar, but I wanted to link to the full study that came out of UIC. I don’t want anyone thinking that I went into this blindly without doing some research! This was the big impetus to go for it.

I looked at the pros and cons of the diet, and concluded there’s not a ton of data either way. It may or may not work, I make no guarantees nor am I an advocate for ADF. However, based on the UIC study, it seems like this is a diet that is better suited for obese individuals (such as myself) rather than someone who is just looking to lose a few pounds or keep the weight off. More studies are underway, but I feel confident enough in the findings of the linked study that I am willing to subject myself to this for the same 8 weeks that was done there. I know that they are continuing to study ADF and I’ll share whatever results they publish when I find them/they are available.

For anyone worried (Becca, Kile!), keep in mind that Intermittent Fasting and ADF aren’t exactly the same thing. I do eat during the fast days, just calorically restricted. The goal during the non fast days isn’t to gorge myself on anything I could ever want either. It is to maintain a healthy eating habit at or below 2000 calories. So it won’t be cake and cookies all the time. Though that does sound like the greatest diet ever and I’m angry that in the year 2013 we haven’t figured out how to make that a thing yet.

I will not be so stubborn as to put myself or anyone else in danger. So please know that, if necessary, I will eat more during the fast days and keep exercise limited to the somewhat immediate period after I eat on the fast days or solely on the feed days. My goal is to live longer, not die sooner!

Finally, can you believe that they have made six Fast & Furious movies and most of them have some sort of variation in the title (ie, it’s not just the same title with a number after it)? The Fast and The Furious, 2 Fast 2 Furious, The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift, Fast & Furious, Fast Five, Fast & Furious 6. The most recent one is the closest you get to a “proper” sequel title. I applaud them for their constant title changes!

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  1. Marina Durkin says:

    Good job Jim! I applaud you on taking your health seriously. Olivia will thank you for this many years from now. I’ll be cheering you on!

  2. Stephen Eldridge says:

    “The goal during the non fast days isn’t to gorge myself on anything I could ever want either. It is to maintain a healthy eating habit at or below 2000 calories. So it won’t be cake and cookies all the time.”

    Wait, are you only at 2000 on the non-fast days, or is that the average? Because if you’re at 2000 calories a day, you should be dropping weight like crazy without any fasting…

    • I probably ate around 2200 or so before the start of this. My weight had plateaued, so it was time for something all-new and all-different. I really need to stop letting X-Men comics influence life decisions.

      I’ll probably stay in the 2000-2200 range on the non-fast days. The study found that people actual didn’t even make it up that high, and these were obese subjects. They came in around 1800-1900 on non-fast days.

  3. Just be careful! I spent WAY too much of my life restricting calories to a dangerously low number (which is obviously different than what you’re doing), and it really did some damage to my metabolism, my psyche, and my ability to judge hunger. My only fear is that this isn’t long term. If you want to make a serious change and stick to it, studies show that slowly losing weight over a longer length of time is more manageable and sustainable in the long run. I think you’re amazing and brave to share this journey with the world, and we have you back no matter what you chose to do! I devote a lot of my time to health and fitness (when I’m not busy being a fabulously incredible Speech Pathologist), so I like to think I have a pretty good grasp on what’s out there. I’m here for ya!

    • Thanks, Becca! I agree with being able to turn it into something long-term. The clinical study they did, and the one going on now (6 months as opposed to 8 weeks) has preliminarily found that after that 2-3 months range it became habitual. People did add more calories into their fast day, but reduced calories during their feed days, in essence balancing it out.

      You are by far the most fit person in the family! And I’m not sure how you do it, because I know Chris likes to eat and drink horribly. 🙂

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