Alternate Day Fasting

Blame them if it doesn't work!

Blame them if it doesn’t work!

Most people probably come here looking for additional information and links on Alternate Day Fasting. Because I’m horrible at answering emails I present to you this page full of links to such resources, underlined for your pleasure. As I come across more articles, studies, videos, submissions, etc., I’ll be sure to link them here.

All credit to the original authors, sites, companies, blah blah blah.

University of Illinois at Chicago Full Study Paper on ADF

Why you should starve yourself a little bit each day – io9 article that inspired me to start this journey.

BBC Horizon Documentary – Eat, Fast and Live Longer

Intermittent Fasting – Wikipedia

Elle article on ADF

Rog Law Fitness post on ADF (TL;DR) (I’m kidding… mostly)

Shape Article on ADF – They call it cheating, but what does Shape know about diets. (oh, that’s their thing… awkward…?)

Paleo for Women – Female focused. A lot of good study done here. – The ultimate guide is sparse, but still some good information.